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Contact us today and choose an optimal trading plan based on your needs. Get direct access to the US and Global stock markets today!
We provide a full spectrum of access: from ECNs to Darkpools via certified trading terminals, APIs and FIX. Choose from our competitive rates and Leverage/Buying Power options that are impeccably tailored to your professional trading needs.

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Who we are

We operate in the stock and derivative direct market access industry for more than a decade, since 2004. We provide individual and group access to US Equity and Option Exchanges, LSE, Mexico and many more Global Markets. We offer the ability to trade on any platform including our own proprietary built tools (ex: Multi-Key, Rolling Orders).

We provide full exchange fees and rebates and do not sell order flow to third parties.

Avalon’s back office is not outsourced to a "pooled" service where other trading firms pool their trades. This ensures confidentiality of our client records and prevents trade data exposure to third parties.

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Avalon was established in 2004 and is currently registered as an international business company in the Republic of Seychelles, operating under British laws.

We have several business divisions such as: brokerage and market access, proprietary trading, asset and wealth management, venture capital and financial technology solutions.

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Get a customized fee schedule by providing information about your Buying Power (Leverage) needs, Average Monthly Trading Volume, Size of your Group, and information about your trading style.
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Use the best and the latest technology to improve your trading accuracy and capability. Use professional trading platforms such as: Sterling Trader, Laser Trader. Perhaps you want to connect to us via our cross-platform API or FIX
These state of the art platforms can access world markets with ease and are tailored to use a wide array of trading strategies such as multi key, flip route strategies, dark routes to snipe hidden liquidity and many more.
For reliable connectivity, speed and diverse sophisticated trading strategy support - Avalon's technology team is an obvious choice.
Avalon can help you achieve a new level of speed trading with a variety of opportunities. Many of these are propriatary to Avalon and not found anywhere else!
Improve your strategy with unique ECNs routing systems to use powerful DarkPools and trade Hidden Liquidity. Get filled for size at the best possible price, even if it is unpublished.
Take your strategy to new a technological level with Avalon's special technology solutions.
Avalon's rigorously trained support team is always here for you. We understand the demanding nature of the Trading Industry as well as the responsibilities that come with it. That’s why we are always here for you 24/7.
Get it touch with us using Skype, Viber, QQ or email.




Low latency platform

Start trading with modern platforms that were developed and upgraded for more than a decade. Our technology allows the use of any strategy in any market conditions in any place in the world.

Multi key customization

In today's market every trader needs fast and comfortable tools to operate. Avalon provides these opportunities for you with hotkey settings for every platform you may prefer.

Easy to start interface

We offer pre-customized platforms and key settings designed by Avalon's expert traders. You will get your platform with ready customized hotkeys and optons so you can start trading without delay. Our team will work with you to get you comfortable with the platform and help make a seamless transition should you choose a platform that may be new to you.

Free demo testing

You get the opportunity to test-drive all systems before you start your real trading activity. Please contact us to provide information about yourself and get your free demo today.



Report system security

Avalon’s back office is not outsourced to a "pooled" service where other trading firm’s pool their trades. This ensures confidentiality of our client records and prevents trade data exposure to third parties.

Billing system security

When you work with Avalon, your funds are secure. We use a special request system to authenticate every account holder. Every transfer is verified with the account holder.

Reporting and daily blotter

Every morning we work hard to generate your daily equity report to give you instant access to previous day's trading activity. Our blotter system contains executions, day by day trading activity, cash activity, overnight position overview and much more.

Execution system

We provide access directly to the exchange, to established ECNs and Darkpools. Our execution system collects every exchange registration number and ecn's registration code so that every trader is able to see their info in our reporting system.

Location System and Shortlist

List of stock locates are updated on a daily basis. Short list will be provided to clients. Additional daily locates can be processed at your request.

Technical support

We are always here to help. At any moment in time we are able to cancel orders, close your position, and much more after thorough identity confirmation. You may request to do so via our technical support channels such as Skype, Viber, Email, QQ or phone.



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I started my trading career with Avalon as an intraday trader. Thanks for getting me on board, and thanks for good service.

client feedback

Lizhang Huang


It was great to get more Buying Power with the right payout conditions as well as help to improve my strategy. Avalon's affiliate program gave me an opportunity to lower my trading costs. Every bit helps! Thanks.

client feedback

Bodja Deko


I took a part in Avalon's trading education program, which was a very useful experience for me, in getting trading skills I needed. Thanks for your help.

client feedback

Ostap Dul


Staff feedback

It is great to be a part of Avalon's Team, every day there are lots of opportunities. Avalon really gives a chance to develop your own project.

client feedback

Valeriy Safronov

Project Manager

Great working environment, lots of potential clients, gives me a real chance to grow.

client feedback

Vitaliy Peshkov

Sales Manager

Everyday we are trying to improve our technological solutions and make all work easier. I like working with Avalon's Team.

client feedback

Maxim Sek

Risk Manager

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Premier Building, Suite 108, Victoria, Mahe, Republic of Seychelles

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